Amazonia is a triptych of dark comedy shorts based on real reviews from

The internet is an incredible place of discovery, we all know that. But sometimes some of the most exciting content can be found in the most unexpected places. Product reviews is one of those places, where shopping on Amazon can turn into quite the adventurous evening lecture. ‘Amazonia’ is a triptych of dark comedy shorts based on real product reviews. Amidst the pros and cons of kitchen tools and electrical appliances, writer/director Dominic Hicks traces the fears and obsessions of three total strangers.

The film’s brilliance comes from its subtle connections. Where the correlation between narration and visual sometimes feels far apart, we are often reminded with swift actions that these strangers may in fact be the pretentious reviewers. It’s also in the way Dominic lets us put a realistic image to these personas. Are these the stories he intended to be the truth? Or are they the mere objectifications of your own mind?

The three leads Richard Gadd, Rachel Stubbings (Whenever You’re Ready) and Alexander Kirk portray these “dreamy” personas with an intriguing ease. In the cold and dark settings they brought out the mysterious flare that keeps the audience lit up throughout. Derk Russell was in charge of the photography, using an Alexa Mini and vintage anamorphic lenses.