Our Favourite Drama Picks

Our Favorite Drama Short Picks

We love to look back at the films that truly marked us. A little different from our Top 10 Shorts of the year, these simply highlight some of the most memorable shorts from our Daily Short Picks 2018 batche. So take the time and watch each one of these, as[…]

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Quarantine || Daily Short Picks


Clark is quarantined. All that exists within his minimalist quarters are a bed, a toilet, and a large video screen that constantly loops selective imagery. Each day an omnipresent voice instructs Clark through his daily routines, an experience that he has been going through his entire life seemingly without a[…]

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Elena || Featured Short Film


Elena is a short character sketch exploring the complexity and sustainability of love as a choice through the lives of two student artists living in LA. Anthony Frederick created a film that really carries us through with its shear simplicity. Elena is a character based film that explores the complexity[…]

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