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On Sunday

A man and his dog make their routine walk to the isolated clifftops of Cornwall…but this time they realise they’re not so isolated after all. Who said nothing ever happens on Sunday?

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No Sunday West of Newton | Short Film Trailer

No Sunday West of Newton

Mclauskie has killed Bailey in self defence. He must get his adopted son with tuberculosis, James Riley and Riley’s girl Jane out of Newton before Bailey’s brothers get to town to enact their vengeance. Its a simple short film based on a true story. This true story is so packed[…]

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Sunday Morning

Duminică dimineață Ana waits for her lover. Yvonne wakes up next to a girl she doesn’t know. Ema goes through a tough reality check. Carol searches for a way out. Andi kills himself again. On an idle Sunday, five couples deal with their endings. facebook.com/duminicadimineata

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Dimanche / Sunday Trailer

Dimanche / Sunday

Oscar nominated animated short film by Montrealer Patrick Doyon After mass, the family gathered at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, as they did every Sunday. With everyone talking at once, it sounded like a family of crows cawing while perched on hydro lines. The town factory has closed its doors and,[…]

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