James Bond / Casino Royale

The Top Three Casino Films Of All Time

Casinos have always encapsulated wealth, opulence, bright lights, plunging necklines and tuxedos. This glamorous lifestyle has always been an elusive to the ordinary person, and one of the ways in which one has been able to have a glimpse of this word has been through the medium of film. There[…]

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5 Tips To Market Your Short

5 Tips to Market Your Short

by Branden Stewart You’ve just worked an uncountable number of hours on a project. You slaved over the story, negotiated the contracts, man handled the schedules, and finessed the edit. Now, you want to get your project seen. But how? In today’s digital world, there is content blooming everywhere. A[…]

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Short End

In the very near future, at the end of an era, veteran cinematographer Reginald Masters decides to shoot a ‘farewell message to film’ on the last bit of 35mm film in existence. The hapless crew of digital natives, headed up by director Lee Archibald, scramble to keep up appearances in[…]

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Hand-scratched frame-by-frame on 16mm, ‘Consumed’ is a dark vision of fire and grace, and a tribute to film in the digital age. I wanted to explore what makes film unique, so I made a film that utilized its texture as a narrative element. I placed a huge burden of lonely,[…]

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Going Dark

The Final Days of Film Projection Hollywood has decided to change the way movies are projected, forcing theaters to convert to digital or go dark. As theaters around the world move to newer digital technology, the job of the 35mm film projectionist is becoming irrelevant. Going Dark profiles two theater[…]

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What's New on Film Shortage

New Look! What’s New On Film Shortage?

Film Shortage has undergone it’s first major facelift, and we hope you like it! We loved our old site, and as lively and colorful as it was, we felt there was room to improve the throughout experience. Our goal was to give Film Shortage it’s modern home it deserves by[…]

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New Technologies in film: Smartphones

Guest Post: New Technologies in Filmmaking

Guest Post by Jade Waddy from Mutinee.com There are many new and innovative technologies and video-sharing platforms which are changing the way films are made. Of these, digital filmmaking, YouTube and the use of smartphones to make films are perhaps the most important today. Digital Filmmaking The process of digital[…]

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