Indigo Grey Chapter One: The Passage

“A young boy’s discovery of a mysterious gas mask provides a glimpse into an alternate reality.. ” Featuring Dance, Marital Arts, futuristic Drones and Tech. Short film based on the live show experience “Indigo Grey”, coming to NYC 2015.

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We always knew we were not alone. Always. It is only a matter of time. A clerk sees his routinary life invaded by an alien presence that lurks his days and nights. Beneath his world, his home… his room. Not able to see any chance of escape, he decrypts the[…]

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A group of survivors, trapped and poisoned in a food distribution warehouse, each experience hallucinations of their greatest fears as they try to escape.

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We Were not Made For This World

We Were Not Made For This World

A robot searches for his creator in the desert lands outside his city.

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Diwali Dream Garage

With Austin’s life going nowhere and his pipedream of becoming a legendary stuntman on hiatus for the last 25 years he confesses to his best friend Reggie that there is something about his past he can’t remember and has been haunting him recently. In a bizarre spiritual ceremony Reggie sends[…]

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Bag Man | Featured Short Film

Bag Man

The understated story of a 12 year old African American boy, who takes us on an introspective journey out of the city and into the remote countryside of upstate New York. With a mysterious duffle bag in hand, a 12 year old boy journeys from the urban hustle of Harlem,[…]

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Boy Meets Girl

A Sci-Fi love story, set 10,000 years from now, asks the question… what does it mean to be human?

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A victim of the current economy, Doug hatches a plan to end all of his financial woes. You see, back in 1976 Doug’s grade school, along with countless others across the United States, buried time capsules in honor of the nation’s bicentennial. The difference is, the one Doug’s class buried[…]

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The last survivor of destroyed spaceship meets his enemy in the void. Empsillnes is an animated short film directed by Jakub Grygier. The story is a mix of existing well known stories with big influence coming from computer games and many sci-fi films. The plot shows struggle of main hero[…]

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