Flesh Computer | Featured Short Film

Flesh Computer

When a pair of thuggish residents threaten a young girl, the line between human and machine becomes blurred. Flesh Computer holds strong routes of 1980’s science fiction films, the type of short film that will fry your mind with its interesting and compelling way to tell a story. In a[…]

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Introducing the world’s first interactive contact lenses. Set 10-15 years in the future, Synoptica is a futuristic drama telling the story of a young couple moving into a technology-integrated house and the ups and downs in their relationship as they are introduced to new technologies. Watch the full film[…]

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A famous musician, forced into hiding from a tyrannical government, appears for one final performance.

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Aphelion Point

A damaged ship floats through deep space, pulled towards a giant glowing sun. As the malevolent star draws ever closer, it begins to exert a terrifying influence upon the remaining crew members.

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Sync | Must See Trailer


Every 15 seconds, a computer, network, or mobile device is hacked by cyber-terrorists. To combat this problem, Syntek Industries has manufactured data couriers designed from advanced machine robotics. These couriers are known as SYNCS. Syncs are programmed to securely deliver data packages without interruption.

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Welcome to a dark future New London where the police aka Peacekeepers go to any length to keep crime from happening within the city. Citizens used to be afraid of the gangs and thugs that populated New London but today, they are more frightened by the Peacekeepers.

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The Service | Films de chez nous

The Service

Set in an industrial, minimalist future, the reclusive Trenton routinely relies on an underground drug in order to simulate life experiences. However, the effects aren’t always predictable. Drawing influence from the clash of futurism and technology and the psychological illnesses of humanity, in this case Agoraphobia, the challenge was to[…]

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Set against a technological backdrop – An alienated and disconnected woman seeks the help of a professional to reconnect through ‘touch’.

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Tiny Tape Recorder | Featured Short Film

Tiny Tape Recorder

A man discovers a tape recorder implanted in his ear that has been monitoring and recording his entire life from the moment of his birth. ‘The Tiny Tape Recorder’ is a stylistic film about a man who, after suffering from intense headaches, discovers a tape recorder embedded in his ear.[…]

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Trapped in a dying space station airlock, Alan must choose survival to see his family again or sacrifice to save his crew.

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