A young woman is held captive in a secluded lab as she goes through a series of experiments to test her supernatural abilities.

Director’s Vision for ‘What Is Your Raison D’Être!?

I directed this film, What Is Your Raison D’être!? After calling it quits on my pursuit of a career in music. I was lost in limbo, uncertain about tomorrow, and terrified of moving on. I’ve always had a deep passion for cinematography and storytelling which showed glaringly in my music. It was only a matter a time before I realized my true creative purpose. Which is why I titled my directorial debut short, What Is Your Raison D’être!? Which translates to What Is Your Reason/Purpose from French to English. The film is centered around Demi, a young African-American female who possesses extraordinary supernatural abilities. Demi is being held captive and experimented on by a mad scientist, Dr. Proto.