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May 23 2024

After back-to-back Vimeo Staff Picks for Floaters and Floaters: The Big Number Two, Floaters is back for the inevitable 3rd installment, milking that cyber cash cow, flogging that futuristic dead horse, fondling that techno walrus. This time, they’ve done something about A.I. (Ooooooh, edgy.)

FLOAT3RS is a wry look at Artificial Intelligence that is so advanced, that it’s no longer that intelligent. This time we join three floating warheads as they discover that there may be a bug or two in their latest operating system update.

The A.I. drones are fantastically voiced by Lucy Briggs-Owen (Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Civilization), Verity Henry (Coronation Street, Hebburn) and Kathryn Bond (Urban Myths, Semi-Detached).