A (mostly) dry comedy adventure about radical acceptance and kindness, set on the streets of New York City.

Why This Movie?

In my own life, I have the propensity to spend a lot of energy trying to fix things that don’t really need to be fixed.
And also, to overlook easy solutions to problems that seem gigantic. This film is about someone trying to “fix” something that seems like a really big deal, spending a lot of energy and time, and then realizing that actually the “solution” to his problem is basically just acceptance. And that that acceptance is something easily discovered and manifested. This is a very Buddhist notion, and though I didn’t set out to make a Buddhist film, I realized when I was done with the movie that it is basically a Buddhist movie. I also am fairly obsessed with spelling, and go to great lengths to draw attention to and preserve the sanctity of words and writing, sometimes risking my own sanity in the process. This movie is also about that.

How Did You Choose The Actors In The Film?

I have always wanted to see what it was like to act and direct in a film. I love acting, and the idea of being both the mental creative backbone of a film (as the director), and the physical creative backbone (as the lead actor) is something that has terrified and intrigued me since I started making movies. I wanted to see if I could do that, and Carlos (DP) and Marina (Producer) and the rest of the folks who worked on the movie were gracious enough to come on that adventure with me.

The other roles in the film were people either from the crew or friends (or just lucky people walking on the New York Streets). And I was so delighted about how everyone rocked it!

Why Did You Shoot The Film In New York?

Actually I had always envision the film taking place in Los Angeles, because one of the first scenes I thought of was the car wash scene, and obviously car washes and car wash culture is much more of a thing in LA. However since this was a zero budget film, and Carlos and Marina were both in New York, I was by necessity forced to shoot it in New York, which was fine with me. It obviously presented both gifts and challenges that shooting in LA would not have presented, but in the end I was so happy that I did it in NYC