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A gay man’s worldview is challenged by the arrival of an unexpected guest at his brother’s bachelor party.

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Director’s Vision for ‘I Was Wrong’

I spent my youth avoiding eye contact with most of my straight male classmates just to be able to walk down the hallway in peace. It was during those years that I developed a deep, subconscious fear of all straight men – my bullies. I began lumping them all into a box, making sweeping assumptions that all straight men were violent and homophobic. After a decade of keeping them in this box, I was mortified to realize that I had become the bully and was perpetuating the cycle of abuse.

It was particularly jarring to make this realization in 2016, as our political climate grew darker. People were becoming increasingly polarized and my mindset wasn’t helping. To help make sense of it all, I searched for hopeful stories of unity and, at best, understanding. I WAS WRONG is my contribution to these themes and telling of the narrative work I hope to create: art that extends an olive branch between different schools of thought.

Poking fun at white gay men, masculinity and performative activism, I WAS WRONG is a cheeky exploration of cyclical trauma and a reminder that we often have more in common with each other than we might think.