Welcome Home

From director Matthew Underwood and Gear Seven + Ritual, ‘Welcome Home’ is as heartfelt and emotional as it gets: an honest look at getting older and the importance of family.

Director’s Statement

I wanted to make a film about the quiet, small acts of kindness that often go unseen. Ultimately, it’s a story about honor and creating space in your life for someone you love within a transitioning family dynamic. The father and son relationship was one I was ultimately drawn to. I liked the opportunity it presented emotionally, especially because it’s a dynamic where emotional expression is so often reserved or understated. I always knew I wanted the experience to be heavily driven by the visuals and the score, where the story is simple and subtle and the performances and emotion could take center stage. I’m grateful to have been able to partner with such great collaborators across the board — it was truly a team effort to bring this film to life in the rich and nuanced ways that we all desired.