When a young woman is eerily confronted by a DHS agent who accuses her boyfriend of running an illegal cyber marketplace, she’s forced to make a life changing decision.

“Who Will Stop Me” is an experimental film that strongly explores the theme of human volition through a non traditional narrative. At its core, it is a character study that seeks to understand how the germ of a noble idea can drive someone to commit a capital sin in order to see it through. As a hot button topic, the issues of internet freedom and cyber security sit at the foreground of political and societal discourse today, and will remain to for years to come. Borrowed from a line in Ayn Rand’s groundbreaking “The Fountainhead”, “Who Will Stop Me” asks of us all… how far is too far? Written, directed and produced by a female team alongside a Hispanic cinematographer and lead actor, I’m proud to present this provoking film to you.