The film serves as a trailer for the indie artist Lostboycrow & his debut full length album, Santa Fe.

Director’s Statement

With Chris (Lostboycrow), his work evokes a feeling. Try closing your eyes and listen to his music with an open mind. The sounds make your mind wander into a free space of imagination that is quite rare with music. This video to me was about riding a feeling, and drifting into the layers of a relationship that you cant explain but only experience and feel.

Featuring music from Lostboycrow’s album Santa Fe

Lostboycrow’s Debut Album, Santa Fe, is available everywhere on 4/19.

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EP: Daniel Kelly
Director: Johnny Chang
Producer: Reef Oldberg
Director of Photography: Neema Sadeghi
Editor: Ryan Dayhoff
Colorist: Kinan Chabani