Young queer Australians audition to retell stories from their elders who paved the way for their rights. Scripted verbatim from interviews, accounts of public protest, police brutality and isolation from queer history are retold and reimagined by a younger generation.

Director’s Statement

In this hybrid-documentary, a diverse cast of young queer people retell five stories from Australia’s queer community to create a snapshot of our collective history.

First, I edited extensive interviews were into monologues for the film’s script. Then I invited young queer-identifying people to audition for the five roles, asking them to bring their own queer experiences and understanding of Australia’s queer history to each role.

The five selected actors performed the monologues across Melbourne, which I then edited with audition footage to re-contextualise each historical account with a contemporary perspective.

With this film, I aim to encourage an intergenerational exploration of Australia’s queer identity, strengthen respect for queer struggles of the past and shine new light on unknown history.