Barricaded in the safety of a closet, a young couple tries to distract themselves from the chaotic world outside.

Director’s Statement

After doing a couple large-scale shorts I really wanted to make something small and intimate, which led me and a crew of my friends to create ROCKET. I wrote a script that my producer and I really loved and we set out to make it for that reason – because we loved it. Without the pressure of a large budget or crew, we were able to just enjoy the process of crafting this short, which takes place entirely in my roommate’s closet. Though the film’s location is small, the world of the film is made large by the talented actors and crew members who brought the script to life. Now that the film has completed its festival run, I’m very excited to finally be able to share ROCKET with the world – a small film with a lot of heart, that was made for the cost of a toy rocket.