How two family members cope in isolation when the world has gone awry.

Dani, a reclusive workaholic, self isolates in her apartment after a recent pandemic left her working from home. Elliot, her older brother, has made repeated attempts to contact her, but finds no answer, descending deeper into a disconnected reality as loneliness and depression overwhelm his sense of self.

Director’s Vision for ‘We Hear Running’

Using the pandemic as a backdrop to this interpersonal story, we focus on mental health awareness between two siblings, who handle isolation in completely different ways. The intricacies of the human condition at play in this story emphasize a broader conversation about the disconnect and copeing mechanisms of a work centric society when haulted. When free time is all we have, it throws our values and habits to the wind, leaving only our internal voices we mute on a day by day basis to come to the forefront and manifest in often self sabotaging and destructive behaviour.