Our film Vicarious tells the story of Jake Thompson, who works a normal job in an office. He distracts himself of his boring life by reading books and imagine himself as an action hero. But sooner or later this does not fulfill him anymore and he searches for a new way to feel alive in his fantasies.

Director’s Statement

When I created the story of Vicarious I had my biggest focus on the message that I was going to share. It had to be motivational and inspiring but also make you question your own life. “Vicarious” means to experience something through someone else, what the protagonist Jake Thompson is doing by reading books which allowes him to slip into the role of an action hero. Tonia Roche and Eli Tray are more in this story then just a Self-discovery Coach and an annoying office worker. Tonia stays as a symbol for what Jake would like to be. Strong and confident. While Eli symbolizes his reality that needs to be rescued. The character names are hints to what they symbolize. There are more secrets hidden in this story that you can discover by paying good attention while watching this short film. I hope everyone can take something from this story and maybe it inspires or motivates one or the other out there to write their own story