Episode 3: Games

A dark comedy gender swap anthology series in which sexist female bosses interview aspiring young male employees. Inspired by real incidents involving male bosses and female employees.

Director’s Statement

I created Step Into My Office as a response to dozens of stories I collected in 2017 from female friends and colleagues who wished to find a way of healing their experiences of sexual harassment or assault on the job. Laughter is one of the best coping mechanisms I know, so I decided to try and find a way forward through these terrible experiences by switching the genders and building out a few of the scenarios into a world of male oppression at the hands of sexist female bosses. It’s (unfortunately) inherently funny to watch the scenes play out with the genders reversed, but also educational and deeply effecting since the series draw directly from reality. The fact that some male viewers have found the show to be implausible is the very reason the show needs to be made.