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A stoned slumber party with her best friends takes a terrifying turn when Alex realizes her Tinder date is watching her through her apartment window.

After a devastating breakup, Alex enters the world of app dating, encouraged by her supportive best friends Cleo and Em. During a girls’ night in, fueled by weed and YouTube videos, Alex excitedly shares that she’s dating a former Versace model. However, as the night progresses, a sense of unease fills the air. Alex feels watched, and her paranoia intensifies when she spots someone sitting outside her apartment. Is it Sam, the seemingly perfect Versace model?

Determined to confront her fears head-on, Alex convinces Cleo to join her in investigating the situation.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Versace Softboi’

This actually happened. Versace Softboi is not just a film, it’s an intimate and personal journey born from real-life experiences. The decision to bring this personal experience to the screen was driven by the powerful reactions I received when sharing this story in my daily life. Every time I opened up about my own experience being stalked, people would connect, sharing their own similar experiences. This realization struck me with the prevalence of these complex and often terrifying situations in our society.

Typical media portrayals of stalking often miss the mark, emphasizing strained and over-dramatized narratives where the victim always meets a tragic end. With Versace Softboi, I wanted to break away from those stereotypes and present a story that captures the true complexity of these experiences.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 3.4 million people report being stalked in the United States. This is an enormous community. And yet, stalking is often trivialized and ignored until it’s too late.

Versace Softboi sheds light on the gray area between romantic and creepy in online dating. As a woman telling my own story, I am committed to bringing together a diverse group of collaborators who can contribute their unique perspectives. Together, we aim to start a conversation, challenging the viewer to question their own perception of reality, just as Alex and her friends do in the film. Is Sam innocent or a stalker? Are the girls overreacting? Can we trust their narrative? By intentionally creating ambiguity, blurring the lines between truth and illusion, we invite the audience to engage and come to their own conclusions. The tension lingers, mirroring the uncertainties that exist in the real world.