A high-strung reporter, hot on the tail of a rampaging murderer, returns home to find his partner hosting some old friends. He’s already started to unravel, leaning on alcohol to calm himself, but as the gathering gets bigger, and louder, while he gets drunker, things get terribly out of hand.

Director’s Vision for ‘Thumbs Up’

There are periods of life where we coast by, not majorly affected by anything or anyone. Suddenly it’s as if everything comes crashing down at once. Little problems evolve into major ones, relationships are tested, and you find yourself in unknown territory. This was particularly evident for many people throughout the COVID19 pandemic.

Great art is reflective of real life and struggle. I don’t think anyone went through the two years without experiencing some difficulty coping with the situation. Thumbs Up is not about the pandemic, but it is inspired by facets of it. It taps into the buzz of a community when a potential threat looms over its people, the stress that comes from working closely to something devastating, and the attempts to drown out your demons when things feel unbearable.

Thumbs Up is a twisted tale with instances of comedic relief depicted through a lens of paranoia in an overwhelming social scenario. Audiences will be guessing, who is the killer? Does he have a split personality? What’s the cause of this? This film is for fans of cinema who enjoy deciphering stories by peeling the layers back in effort to better understand the messages of the film.