A bourgeois dinner. The table is flawless: chandeliers, fine porcelain, divine dishes, delicate wines. Seven guests are sitting. They all are charming… from the outside.

What are they truly thinking about?

Director’s Notes

These People is the first short film I ever wrote and directed. It started off as an exercise I gave myself : I had a bit of time on my hands, a good camera and mostly… no money. Around those obstrictions, I wrote this V.O.-led short film and explored some themes that were important to me back then : social hypocrisy, self-consciousness and alienation in human interconnections.
I was (and still am) obsessed by how we see ourselves playing different parts when interacting with certain people. In spite of us, we all give in to power games, especially in seduction and love. We all are either someone’s bully or someone’s victim at one point, to a certain extent… And we become alienated in a part which isn’t us, and that we ironically created ourselves.

In this film, each character is actually a declination of myself. A bit of self-mockery never hurts…

We made this film with a very small budget… I could have never pulled it off without my AMAZING cast & crew who committed themselves 100%. It really was a family project made with love.