A legend from the dark West: A newly minted lawman and a vengeful widow seek revenge against the malevolent force that left them for dead, the lawman’s own half-sister. An ode to Dynamite Comics’ The Lone Ranger Volume 1: Now & Forever.

Director’s Vision for ‘The Redeemer’

The Redeemer was initially conceived as a Lone Ranger fan film between myself and the film’s leading actor, Robbie Allen, back in the summer of 2018. I’ve long gravitated to the lasting relevance and versatility of the Western film genre, ever since falling in love at first sight with the 1993 classic Tombstone as a child. So when Robbie (a longtime collaborator of mine, and a huge fan of the original Lone Ranger series) discussed the idea of doing a darker interpretation of the character with me, I pounced on the idea. 
During the process of writing the script however, the story quickly evolved into something that I felt stood on its own and worked independently of the pre-established lore of The Lone Ranger franchise. I began toying with perverting the character’s background. John Reid, the real name of The Lone Ranger, is often portrayed as a true blue boy scout who is out to catch the bad guys and avenge his family. But I wanted to complicate things for him in this version, and ask: What if the bad guys were his family? What if villainy was in his blood and the duties of being a lawman was only something he adopted? How would he go about redeeming the sins of his pedigree? Thus, John Reid became Jackson Bullock, and the project was re-titled, The Redeemer.

Like many filmmakers who produce award winning short films and proof of concept projects, The Redeemer has opened the door to the next chapter of my filmmaking journey. The feature length version, currently titled Sweetwater Insurrection, revises the tone and style used in the short film, but reimagines the story and characters during a real-life insurrection that occurred in 1885 Rock Springs, Wyoming between Chinese immigrants and local coal miners in the territory. The film is being developed by myself and The Redeemer’s creative team, as well as producing partners in China, and we are all looking forward to taking another ride in the Old Wild West again.