A rumination on the vast space between privilege and promise, access and accomplishment, The Possum is an ode to sadness and hope. In this mock-style account of a middle-aged hobbyist and wayward man-child heir named Kenny, we meet a man left behind by life, marching to the beat of his own drum as he peddles his possum wares around a small town he must face alone.

Director’s Vision

I’m very into exploring the role sincerity plays in comedy. I’ve never been stimulated by big obnoxious characters nobody would want around them in real life. My characters tend to have little awareness of what makes them funny, sad, or lovable. Ultimately their only goal is to be heard, seen, and accepted for who they are. I feel that true sincerity is a tool underutilized in comedy. By pushing the boundaries of sincerity I’m able to tap into a unique and rich humor reserved only for those we care about.