George nervously waits for Lori to show up for their date, an engagement ring sitting heavily in his pocket. But when she arrives with news that she’s found a time machine that allows them to travel 10 minutes back in time, their imaginations run wild with how they can put it to use. When they realize the time machine is even more powerful than they thought, past and future versions of themselves appear with advice how to use it. What will they do in the face of adventure, fortune, love, and loss? Only time will tell.

Director’s Vision

10 Minute Time Machine blends two of my favourite genres – sci-fi and comedy – and grounds them in a real-world environment. The result is a film that embraces magical realism, telling the story of two very ordinary people with an extremely out-of-the-ordinary opportunity: they have a time machine that can only go back in time 10 minutes.

The structure of the film is deliberate – the entire story, from title to end of credits, takes place in just 10 minutes. It’s a statement that what may seem like a brief period can, in reality, change the shape of your life.

The film is fun and light, but captures a reality that resonates with all – what is really important in our lives is our human connections, not power, money or opportunity.

I’m excited to have collaborated with some great Canadian actors and crew on this project. Much of the behind-the-scenes talent are at the top of their game in the music video and branded content industries. Everyone involved was committed to giving this project the layers and depth it needed to create something special – a film that entertains but also has heart.