More than eating is in store when a couple invites friends over for a Sunday brunch.

Director Vision

“Game Brunch” came out of my weekly writers group, where we encourage each other to come in with new pages or pitches every time we meet up. After working on some darker projects, I wanted to jump into something light-hearted with actors I’ve loved working with in the past. I sat down one evening and tried to come up with an idea that could be shot in my apartment and could work as a short ensemble piece. I made a list of actors and started thinking about how I could pair them up. I recalled a game night I hosted years ago and found myself chuckling at the notion of revolving an entire film around one specific word (watch the film and you’ll know the word). I started writing and an hour later I had an absurd 15-page script. When I sent it out to my writing group members and some other trusted writers to read, everyone got a kick out of it and really encouraged me to direct it. A couple even said “please make it!” It was exciting to see such a positive response to it, especially from the actors I had in mind. They all eagerly accepted the roles. I think they, like me, needed a break from the overwhelming amount of things to be outraged about in the world and loved the idea of focusing on making something fun. And what fun it was to make! I hope it’s just as much fun to watch!