In a city full of people who have grown used to avoiding each other, two strangers meet and then must choose between being comfortable and being honest with themselves about what they want. The strangers challenge each other to go outside their comfort zones as they’re drawn closer than they ever could have anticipated in the span of a single day. Almost like a dream, “Strangers” explores a chance encounter that offers a glimpse into own subconscious and our fantasies about being loved and understood.

Director’s Statement

About 11 years ago, the idea for this film sprang from a fantasy that I had of meeting a stranger who would understand me without any effort, someone whom I could share an intimate connection with even though we’d only just met. I wondered what that fantasy meant about me and the way I related to others, so I explored it and it evolved into this film. My hope is that the film might make people feel a little less alone, perhaps even a little more brave to talk to that stranger sitting on the subway or passing them by on the street. You never know where it might lead.