“Help! I’m Trapped In A Movie” follows the story of a man who wakes up to find himself the star of a Hollywood blockbuster, but his dream soon becomes a nightmare when he discovers he can’t control the plot…

From the mind of first-time writer, director, producer, and star Riley Madincea comes a break-neck chucklefest that asks the question: “What would it really be like to be a character in a Hollywood movie?”

Director’s Statement

To call this film a miracle is an understatement. Before making this, I was just an actor who knew there could be better movies than the ones I was being cast in. So, after one too many shandies, I started a crowdfund, raised the funds by – on several occasions – literally begging people in the streets, guilt-tripped every crew and cast member I knew into giving up a weekend for me, and then, somehow: wrote, produced, directed and starred in the first film I ever had any creative control over.

Completely unprepared for everything that was ahead of me, it absolutely should have failed at almost every point.

But, somehow, after everything, it found its way all the way to your browser. That, to me at least, is a mother-flippin miracle. One that – I should say – I am only minimally responsible for; this film would simply not have been without the astounding support of everyone who donated, worked on it, or championed it at festivals worldwide.