A weary postman trudges through the snow on Valentine’s Day, making deliveries to all but one door.

Director’s Statement

Special Delivery is about challenging perceptions of location and is set in Thamesmead, South London – an area often only seen in violent or dystopian films such as ‘A Clockwork Orange’ or social issue dramas, so seeing it portrayed in a positive way would be a different angle.

I was also keen to tell a story without dialogue and make something purely visual and cinematic.

From early on the intention was to play with genre conventions to create a sense of mystery right until that final moment. We’ve had great festival audience feedback and people have commented on the ambiguity and even a darker, threatening feeling they get.

Kulvinder Gill wrote the script and from that I submitted a treatment to the DirectorsUK ‘Challenge Alexa’ scheme. Six films were selected to go into production, shooting for two days with an Alexa Mini and Anamorphic Primes. We had a three month turnaround from pitch to delivery, so huge thanks to the whole cast and crew for their understanding and hard work – not least as we had snow from the ‘mini beast from the east’ to contend with, something we embraced and has added to the atmosphere of the film.