Absurdist dark comedy. A fevered fairy tale in five parts. Sam (Vivian Bang) is having a bad day. Violent haircut, fascist parents, Irish fentanyl dealer, nightmare first date. Sam needs a win!

Director’s Statement

The idea was to make a weird psuedo-fairy tale. Like a twisted children’s book with distinct, stylized chapters. I was getting hung up on a feature and needed to pivot and write something short and fast. Something we could shoot over a weekend.

Vivian and I were chatting about struggle. Work, life, the hellscape of online dating. Feeling like the algorithms are out to get you. We connected to Sam, and wanted her to win despite it all.

James (DP) and I love anamorphic, especially with interiors. The non-subtle, almost surreal distortion. Instead of big wides and establishing shots, we went close and claustrophobic, matching Sam’s anxiety. Production was low-budget 101: available locations, friend favors, gallons of coffee. The weekend we shot had record rainfall. Turned out a soggy Los Angeles was perfect for Sam’s bad day.