The energy crisis has always been a dark cloud over the technological development, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russo-Ukrainian war in recent years also has made it increasingly prominent. There are many renewable energy solutions being discussed, I think the answer may be right in front of us, we live with the sun every day, and all energy on our planet comes from it. The solar power station might be the craziest and most romantic concept I’ve ever seen (First proposed by the famous writer Isaac Asimov from the golden age of sci-fi), it looks like a big solar farm but directly operates as a satellite in low earth orbit, no atmospheric obstruction and can operates day and night. It hasn’t been built yet, but during my research, I find out that China plans to launch space solar station in 2050(Japan, Europe also has their plans). So I based on this fact and exaggerated the background of the story in a dramatically way: In the imagined year 2050, Low-Earth orbits will be dotted with hundreds of space solar stations generating gigawatts of clean electricity, The energy problem will no longer to worry about, and can even use the excess power for having fun, for example a racing festival, an annual solar car race is held here at low earth orbit, celebrating energy self-sufficiency with techno music, aerobatic stunts… all that carnival stuffs. I’d like it to take the tone of the golden age of sci-fi, looking up at the stars and being optimistic about technology is become rare in our time, I hope to encourage people to be exciting about the future again through this animation.