Best Picks of The Month

“Sacrifice” is a music video that unravels the concept of grief, catharsis, love and reparation of a couple devastated by loss. We see Rojo, a street fighter, and Baby, a dancer, struggling with grief over the death of their son and fighting to stay together despite the deep pain that traverse them.

This piece seeks to represent the characters in their most vulnerable states: exposed and trying to redeem themselves. Showing each other their love in its most organic forms, in all the dimensions of their sacrifice.

Director’s Vision for ‘Sacrificio’

This piece is based on the idea of conceiving love as a constant sacrifice. In the face of loss, in the most complicated moments of life, where the pain gaps become very complex for a couple to cope with, it is also there where love embeds its roots, from the rawest and most visceral part, like a cluster of overflowing emotions that finds its own forms of tenderness.

The characters in this piece seek constant redemption, wandering between guilt, anger and sadness. It was my intention to make them feel vulnerable and complex, projecting their fragility on the other but being implacable with the outside world, seeking to overcome themselves, transcend the deep pain that lies in wait for them.

We certainly wanted in this piece a story that would be inserted in a living and real Mexico, that is why we worked together with the community of Santa Elena, where the people of the community participated as extras and opened the doors of their houses as well as sacred places for the community to be able to tell this story.

The process of musical collaboration with EZETA was always focused on having a powerful interconnection between the imagery and the sound. The electronic music, layers of processed voices singed by the artist and a powerful beat, let us tell this story withe intimacy and the roughness that it was needed.