Rudy Vaspar, a dangerous and violent convict, sits comfortably behind bars in a maximum security prison. His day is interrupted by a surprise visit from Monica Klee and her assistant, Vince, as Rudy soon discovers he has been selected for a scientific study.

Director’s Vision

As this project evolves from a short to a feature film, the core question I kept asking my cast, my crew and myself was “if a discovery like Monica’s really did exist, would it be a good thing? What would it do to a person? What would it do to a society?” The answers from those discussions truly informed the storytelling at every turn and as a filmmaker, they provided invaluable perspectives on both a personal level as well as what a discovery like this would do to humankind. As I continue to develop this story into a feature film, the biggest influences are The Twilight Zone, Darren Aronofsky’s Pi and HBO’s The Leftovers.