“Powerline” invites viewers on an exploration into the depths of the human psyche through the perspective of its physical carrier—electricity, as the universal energy that binds us all.

Through a blend of visuals and poetic narration, the film delves into the intricate workings of the mind, illuminating the connections between our experiences, memories, and ancestral heritage. As viewers journey through the electric pathways of the brain, they are prompted to contemplate the universal energy that is at the very core of our being.

Director’s Vision for ‘Powerline’

The idea to create “Powerline” came from my long-term fascination with the mystery surrounding human consciousness. Back when I was studying physics at university, our professor of bio-physics highlighted how little we knew about the relationships between the electrochemistry of our neurons and the visual, auditory, and tactile experiences we perceive in our minds. Carl Jung believed that we inherit social archetypes and ancestral memories, posing new questions about where they’re stored and how they’re transmitted during the early stages of our body’s development. The only certainty is that this involves a very complex electromagnetic code that evolves across generations. This concept of electricity and its ancient continuity is what inspires me the most! We didn’t just arrive in this world; we emerged from it, with each new life connected to a long history that spirals back to the beginning of time. And the electrical circuit of life remains unbroken. How magical each life appears from this perspective.