Stuart is coming to terms with a unique disease that sees him being an unwanted guest even in his own families home. He opens up in this documentary about this rare disorder and his hopes for the future.

Director’s Vision

The quote “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval” – Mark Twain is the theme of this film, it underlines every creative decision. I wanted the viewer to go through a range of emotions watching this film, concern, disbelief, humour and to hopefully have empathy for Stuart. To create something seemingly farcical and to be emotionally invested in the character was my goal., I was tested myself as a director to see if I could achieve this. I wanted an underlying pathos that we can all relate to, the struggle of life that we all face. This is something very real in all of our lives now, over the last 18 months (though the film was shot pre-covid). This film approaches this subject in a very unique way.