After making a fool of himself, a man tries to win his girlfriend back.

Director’s Statement

Whatever, Babe, which is the twelfth short film I’ve directed, was shot entirely on location in North Hollywood, CA. over the course of a weekend, and is best described as an understated screwball comedy. If you asked me during pre-production what my intention was in making this film, I would’ve told you it was a throwback to the comedies I grew up watching from the ’80s; comedies starring guys like Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and Michael Keaton as overly-confident doofuses, who bumble their way through life. Looking at it now however, I realize that the film is about turning thirty, the question of whether or not we can live up to peoples’ expectations of the person we’re supposed to be as “adults”, and along with that, the importance of communication between the sexes.