Organics is an improvised genre bending midnight short starring ensemble member of Richard Linklater’s EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! Temple Baker. It’s the tale of Archie, an innocent barista who’s convinced by his new co-worker, Jay, to stay after hours for a late night drink with her, her boyfriend, and her single & attractive best friend. With a morning shift looming Archie’s initially reluctant to accept the invitation, but a little peer pressure and sexual tension pushes him into joining the night’s festivities. He’ll find out soon enough that these three complete strangers have darker, more sinister plans for their night out on the east side of LA.

Director’s Statement

Having worked as a barista on the east side of Los Angeles I was able to use my place of work as a free film location after hours over one weekend. Nearly every crew member claimed this film set had the best damn coffee they ever tasted. Christian Pierce and I crafted a story that at first appears to be your straightforward coffee shop comedy, but there’s something much darker going on. To hide the horror/thriller component of the narrative we approached the film in a fully improvised, mumblecore style. Everything you see on screen is improvised in the moment by myself, the actors, and the camera team. It’s a tale about a guy who isn’t taking advantage of what the universe has to offer, so the universe takes advantage of him.