Galactic war, from the perspective of a little boy on a poor desert planet. He is having nightmares and visions about the future and he wants to become a Jedi knight. But the war is coming and Imperium is looking for gifted children. Time is up. Which side will he chose?

Directors Statement

This is a short fan film, a tribute to the Star Wars saga.It was made only with delight, enthusiasm and a zero budget. The basic idea was to create very simple 5min film for official competition of Star Wars short films, but due to limitations, we decide to do it in our own terms and as best as we can with no budget. It has always been my dream to shoot my own Star Wars movie, so this is my dream come true. Thanks to all the amazing crew members and everybody who collaborated for making this happened! All VFX was done in Adobe After Effects and Elemebt 3D by Videocopilot.