Two young artists discover that they share more than just a moment on the sidewalk, at night.

Starring Austen Danielle Bohmer (Netflix’s Diana) and Misha Brooks (Paramount+’s Players)

After a string of failed auditions, a disillusioned young dancer goes to a liquor store to drown her sorrows. While waiting for her ride outside the store, her night is interrupted by a chatty stranger. Hope and realism clash under the streetlights.

Artist Statement

I wanted to write a love story but not one that we have all seen before. ON THE SIDEWALK, AT NIGHT is about the love for the things we do and how, when shared with other people, these things bring light into our lives. For the two strangers in this short film, their dedication to their dancing brings them together, a shared feeling of artistic struggle unites them. In a moment of vulnerability, they remind each other of why it is they chose their profession in the first place. It’s not a love story where the girl gets the guy; it’s a story where two humans connect, part, and carry the moment they shared with them into the future.