Find the magic in the smallest and most mundane details of everyday life … and you will feel once again wide awake, like a child.

“Minutiae” is a poetic short film that combines images from the creation of a bronze sculpture with thoughts about our path to adulthood and the loss of one of our most precious abilities.

Director’s Vision for ‘Minutiae’

The short film „Minutiae“ was commissioned by the German artist Hans Heinze who wanted to produce a delicate, personal, and artistic film as tribute to his late brother.
At the very beginning of the project, Mr. Heinze explained to me the tragic and sentimental circumstances that led to his wish of producing the short film and he also expressed his desire to showcase the creation of one of his sculptures in the video. He already had an idea about what he wanted the featured sculpture to depict but other than that he gave me carte blanche for the concept of the film.

Been given this freedom of creation was incredibly rewarding and I tried to find a way to honor the wishes of Mr. Heinze as well as implementing my own vision. I wanted the film to be more than just an educational video on how to create a bronze sculpture. I wanted to emotionally touch the spectators and make them feel like they just witnessed something very intimate and special.

I’m very thankful for this project and especially for the trust that Hans Heinze bestowed upon me and the help and guidance that Marco Wallberg from Dreipunkt gave me throughout the project’s duration.

I hope that I succeeded in making you appreciate the small details of your everyday life a little bit more.