Regretful and uncertain Olivia has lost her best friend who was the last person that tied her to her small hometown. Her best friend’s death has put her face to face with her old friends who have all moved on to live very different and exciting lives around the world. Although she accuses them of being selfish and unreliable, she is forced to reflect and admit that she, like them, no longer has any reason for staying in her deteriorating town and that she wishes for a more fulfilling life out in the world.

Set in desolate and sun stained Barstow, CA, Olivia, Samantha, Will and Lucy collide together and explode with anger and sorrow. They are filled with nostalgia and the beauty of the desert and eventually are brought closer together by love and laughter.

Director’s Note

In our 20s, we lost a dear friend. We didn’t know how to process her death, and spent a lot of time drunkenly screaming at one another.
We would also cry together while listening to funny voicemails and reminiscing about our crazy times together.

The writing and filming process brought a lot of those feelings back, but we felt, as grown women, more able to process them. Through this film, we hope our audience will see that friendships that go through an ordeal like this can come out stronger on the other end. The anger you feel in the moment is just a part of the process, and you tend to share it with the people you love the most.