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Russ, 17, struggles to figure out what it means to be a ‘man’ in his small coastal town. In gun-controlled Australia, Russ steals shotgun from his elderly neighbour, giving him the chance to prove himself to the local underworld heavyweight. However, Russ decides to carve his own path rather than have it determined by the approval of others through social initiations of manhood.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Max’

I wrote this film about the character of Russ because I was a 1980s kid and a 90s teenager, with a small stature and an interest in art and film – not a typical “masculine male” for those times.

In the 1990s, men found themselves increasingly bumping up against the limits of traditional masculinity, yet unable to replace those archaic constructions with coherent new models.

Although my story is not uncommon. More often than not, we kept it to ourselves. It wasn’t shoved in others faces as it was the style of the hyper-masculine male. My story was expressed in sketchbooks, through guitar strums, drum hits, camera clicks and skateboard tricks. It was expressed creatively.

Finding acceptance within oneself and society is a journey that every individual must embark on; it is experienced universally. Accepting our true selves, flaws and all, can be difficult but is essential to living a fulfilling life. Learning to embrace who we are and discovering our place in the world can be a rewarding experience filled with growth and opportunity. It is important to remember that although it may be challenging at times, this journey of self-discovery is worth the effort.