Courtney and her boyfriend take their dog Max to the vet – but is Max the only one who needs help? This social-issue drama-thriller explores domestic violence through the anxious lens of a woman holding on to hope. This heroic story is burdened by the complex inner turmoil of love, guilt, and shame that make an escape so difficult to achieve. The film employs Lenore E. Walker’s “Cycles of Abuse” and is accompanied by a reflection guide to help encourage thoughtful viewing.

Director’s Vision for ‘Max is Bleeding

Max is Bleeding is a prison break set in the seemingly mundane backdrop of suburban America. It’s a story about a leap of faith—a need for rebellion and total abandon—that involves not only trust in other people but also inner strength. I was originally attracted to the script because it digs so much deeper than the viral video that inspired it. To me, the meme-style video seemed suspiciously cheerful and victorious, while this film aims to ask hard questions about what’s an ending and what’s a beginning. Does everything really get tied up so neatly, as the videos depict? In the security footage, the emotional aspect was lost. I made this film to explore the complexity of the situation from the victim’s point of view. With the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating the already harrowing reality of violence and abuse against women, this film aims to shine a light on this timely issue.