A short narrative briefly following the lives of two friends who are sheltering in place inside their apartment.

The story was inspired by a personal experience which happened during the COVID lockdown and it’s told through a beautiful soundtrack and gorgeous + solemn imagery. With the full support of the music artist Youth Lagoon along with his distribution and record label companies, I was able to obtain the music rights for this film. My hope is that the elements of this story will resonate with many viewers.

Director’s Vision for ‘Sheltering With You’

This short fashion narrative is inspired from my personal experience quarantining inside a hospital. There were countless quiet moments when I was stuck in bed with little to do. In those moments, I inevitably stared at corners of the room and other smaller details around me that I normally wouldn’t care to observe. Focusing on my hands, fingers, wrinkles on the bedsheets – and staring at them as if I were seeing them for the first time. I was able to appreciate the beautiful quality of sunlight again as it streamed through the window and illuminated every detail. Everything came into hyper-focus because my attention had nothing else to attach to. The film starts with moments like these. The overall pace is intentionally calm and slow, much like the days of quarantine.

In the film, we observe the lives of two trends, Athena and Dapnne, who are sheltering in placetogether. They both start out enjoying the sudden lockdown and the seemingly infinite time available to them, but as the days pass by, Daphne’s free spirit becomes crushed inside the captivity of their apartment walls and Athena realizes that she needs to do something before her friend withers away completely.