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In a retro-future world, an unhappy office worker signs up for a high-tech self-improvement procedure…of a kind.

Director’s Vision for ‘Mark II’

The genesis of this story came from a “Ghost in the Shell” reference my co-writer made. After one of the characters bought a cybernetic ‘upgrade’, his colleagues made fun of him, but he loved it nonetheless. I think it’s important to be true to yourself and not let others tell you who or what to be. This short film, Mark II, explores this theme through the main character.

The inspiration of the main character came from wanting to work with the lead actor, John Ennis. After becoming a fan of his characters, we had a chance encounter at the Arclight Hollywood movie theater. I got his number and that was that…until four years later I called him with my script. I’m glad he didn’t change his number.

Visual and story inspirations include Brazil, Blade Runner, It Follows, American Beauty, The Matrix, and many others. My film takes place in another timeline, permitting the viewer to wonder what all is possible.

I set out to create something simple, light, yet emotionally impactful. These are the types of short films I love watching. It’s my hope audiences experience these wonderful things with Mark II.