Strange happenings around the Clearwater campus result in Greg, an undercover journalist researching the facility, waking up with gaps in his memory and what appear to be apocalyptic visions.

Director’s Statement

As a directing team we’ve been gradually attempting to scale up our productions. Starting with dialogue-free, extremely short pieces, we eventually scaled up to our first real short film- Clearwater. Starring our two childhood friends and utilizing the research facility in the park that separates our houses, we shot what we hoped would eventually be an introduction to a sprawling science fiction chronicle.

Last fall we figured we were ready to return to that world and apply the lessons we learned during the subsequent short films we produced. A big change this time around was the soundscape. We scored the first Clearwater to classic rock and pop music which was a highlight of the process, but rendered our film ineligible for film festivals or any other outlet of distribution. This time around we wanted to take authorship of the music as well.

We sketched out a science fiction mythology and then figured the most plausible way for us to explore that world on our shoestring budget would be through the blue-collar workers at this mysterious top-secret research facility. We wanted to expand on these two characters and the ideas we set up in the first chapter and to do that effectively we would have to see another facet of the operation and show more of the alien life-form.

As always, we learned a lot during the making of this film and are excited to take those lessons on to the next one.