Caught in between the killing of her old life and the brazen uncertainty of the new one – Anna is left with thoughts of diaspora and destruction of her sense of self all while on her daily ride home on the ferry in New York City.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Last Weekend in New York’

Every film is extremely personal and this one was no different. This particular film was born out of the idea of giving everything you have to someone only for you to feel like they’re already gone. Giving yourself to someone and losing your self in the process. As harrowing as that experience may be – the filming of it was the exact opposite. Four of us out in the New York spring for about five hours running around town is my favorite way to make films. It’s so intimate and feels like making films in my backyard with school friends again. Such an enjoyable experience especially with a great crew and a formidably talented lead actress and it’s become one of the proudest things I’ve made as of late.