In 2021, Halloween Adventure, one of the New York City’s most iconic stores, shut its doors to the disappointment of its devoted employees and thousands of Halloween revelers.

Or did it?

After the post pandemic return of New York’s fabled Halloween parade, the store’s faithful staff reunited to open its doors for one last hurrah.

This is their story.

Director’s Vision for ‘Last Halloween’

We made this documentary to chronicle the return of the New York City Halloween Parade after re-emerging from the pandemic, and the final days of the legendary Halloween Adventure store in Greenwich Village. We documented the iconic costume shop’s last stand against Amazon, and got an inside look at the LGBTQ+, punk, and costumed subcultures in its orbit. In an age where cities are losing small business and community hubs to corporate influence and digital expediency, we wanted to tell the story of a bold band of costumers that dared to make their neighborhood a little fun and a little freaky. Happy Halloween!