Paradise opens a small doorway to the troubled mind of a ghost at the precise moment when she decides to departure.

A young woman aged by the weight of memory goes about her routine activities within the walls of her small apartment. When the mysterious disappearance of a baby unleashes drama in her building, she, lost in thought, continues with her daily life accompanied by a newborn that she tries to pamper and calm.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Paradise’

Initially this movie was supposed to be a film noir. Ricardo and I had conceived images that we really liked: an unknown woman showering and an enigmatic man running along the sidewalk and into a building (both of which still made the cut). However, at some point in this initial writing process, we both suffered a sudden and painful loss that transformed the direction of our short film.

It became the intense story of Ximena (Natalia Plascencia), who like a ghost is stuck grieving the death of her young daughter from inside the walls of her small apartment. Simultaneously to the protagonists portrait, Elena (Florencia Ríos), one of her neighbors in the building, experiences the mysterious and sudden disappearance of her newborn.

This opened the door for me to explore different emotions caused by the same event. On one hand develop the sadness that has completely taken over Ximena’s spirit and will to live, and on the other, the despair that immediately surrounds Elena after losing her baby. They are two different points of the same process: the beginning and the inevitable end.

Still from Paradise

Still from 'Paradise'