Two brothers try to save their family business by literally catching lightning in a bottle!

Director’s Vision for ‘Kinetic’

The figure of speech, “…like catching lightning in a bottle” means to accomplish a nearly impossible task; to the difficulty of accomplishing something. The term originates from Ben Franklin’s famous experiment in which he tried to harness the power of lightning. He didn’t exactly accomplish that but his idea does leave you thinking: “What if he had caught lightning?” This inherently cinematic image captured my imagination and inspired me to turn it into a film. One that has fun with the concept of attempting something so wild by telling a story that expands upon the idiom and turns it into something personal an audience can connect with. “Kinetic” speaks to the same theme of achievement/success that the idiom alludes to but recontextualizes it within the lightning-like chaotic dynamics of a family. Ones that can feel impossible like Frank and Benji’s relationship as bickering brothers, but are crucial to hone if they are to learn the true meaning of a “family business”.