In his last months alive, a young man calls upon his four closest friends to make his existence infinite, through the assembly of five key elements from his life.

Infinite is the story of male friendship and the pacts we make to look out for each other.

Director’s Statement

Infinite the short film was written after two people close to me died within two days of each other. I was 21, and at the time, didn’t have the emotional capacity to properly deal with the situation. What I saw following this was how my group of close friends all came together to support one another.

Men have such incredible emotional capabilities and this is so rarely represented on screen. Infinite was created to portray these friendships in a fresh light, something all the cast and crew were incredibly supportive and passionate about helping me to create on screen.

I hope everyone loves the film. I really would love to hear thoughts should anyone want to talk further. I’d love to build a community around this film as we develop it into a feature film.