The world is a cruel place to many. Harley was at the end of his line, ready to give up, until he met someone who changed his life forever.

Director’s Statement

Humans are social creatures. We can’t survive without one another. Each one of us has a unique set of skills and perspective that, when combined, create a functioning society. Though this interdependency permeates everything we do, we often forget about it. The world has never been more globalized, yet we have never been more disconnected from each other. We’ve never had more to distract us, to cradle our craving for pointless entertainment, and to remove us from the people around us. Since their inception, art and film have been remedies for this. They bring us back into our humanness, reminding us that everyone, throughout all time, in every place, has shared the same palette of experience and emotions. When we hear someone’s story, we connect with them and the world. Harley’s story is one of the many examples of a society suffering from a built-in prejudice, and the power each of us have to change that.